Kihàru Lacquer Urushi Nails: Fusion of Japan’s Traditional Culture and Sustainability in Their Debut Product! 2023

FARINA LLC has launched the Urushi brand Kihàru (temporary name) under the Kyoto Inden heritage. They have introduced the sale of “URUSHI Nail Parts,” made entirely of 100% lacquer. These gel nail parts offer an enhanced experience with lacquer, creating a fusion of Japan’s traditional culture and sustainability.

Background of Development and Release

Kihàru Lacquer Urushi Nails: Fusion of Japan's Traditional Culture and Sustainability in Their Debut Product! 2023

With a decline in the number of lacquer craftsmen in Japan, there is a need for new product development to preserve and advance traditional crafts. Aging artisans, a shortage of successors, and decreased demand for lacquer products contribute to this decline. To prevent the potential loss of Japan’s traditional lacquer techniques and history, FARINA LLC has developed gel nail items that bring people closer to the beauty of lacquer. Introducing nail parts aims to raise awareness of lacquer among modern individuals and incorporate it into contemporary lifestyles. The newly released “URUSHI Nail Parts” are meticulously handmade by craftsmen in Kyoto and require one to two weeks to dry.

Kihàru Lacquer Urushi Nails: Fusion of Japan's Traditional Culture and Sustainability in Their Debut Product! 2023

Enjoy the Beauty of Traditional Lacquer, Sustainable Urushi Nails

Urushi is a cherished traditional material in Japan, known for its beauty and luxurious feel. It is also an environmentally sustainable resource, being natural and renewable. Durable products can be created by utilizing lacquer, contributing to waste reduction. Moreover, it plays a vital role in preserving traditional craftsmanship and supporting a circular economy through recycling and reuse. “URUSHI Nail Parts” production focuses on environmental consciousness, including reusing excess lacquer. As people today prioritize environmental and cultural considerations, incorporating lacquer into their lives promotes sustainable consumption. FARINA LLC aims to provide a new beauty item that leverages the beauty and sustainability of lacquer, appealing to a wide range of age groups.

Product Lineup and Sales Information

Kihàru Lacquer Urushi Nails: Fusion of Japan's Traditional Culture and Sustainability in Their Debut Product! 2023

The product offers 15 original colors made from natural materials. The 1st Collection features designs inspired by summer themes, with four colors available from the collection. The unique luster and glossy finish of lacquer enhance the individuality of the designs, making them ideal for those seeking distinctive nail expressions. Each color used in the product has an original name. The four colors to be sold are Bianco (white), Passione (red), Smoke (gray), and Mare (blue), reflecting the current spring-summer color trends. “URUSHI Nail Parts” are now available on the official online store of FARINA LLC, starting from July 6th, 2023 (Thursday). For more detailed information, please visit the brand’s website or Instagram. Since the products are made to order, it may take approximately two weeks from ordering to shipping.

The collection offers a variety of designs, including traditional Japanese patterns, hiragana characters, and cat motifs, enabling individuals to embrace Japanese culture at their fingertips. Additionally, FARINA LLC plans to release nail tips in collaboration with famous nail artists. Customization of original parts is also possible to cater to individual store needs. Wholesale options are available, and interested parties can contact FARINA LLC for distribution inquiries.

Product Overview

Price: 800 yen (set of 3 pieces with the same pattern), excluding tax
Variety: 8 types, each with four colors
Sales Date: Starting from July 6th, 2023, at 0:00
Sales Region/Location: Online sales nationwide in Japan

Company Overview

FARINA LLC, established in 2022, is engaged in product development, branding, and wholesale operations. They aim to develop new products that align with Japan’s traditional culture and offer environmentally conscious and sustainable options.

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