What does “Ara Ara (あらあら)” mean in Japanese?

What does “Ara Ara (あらあら)” mean in Japanese?

Ara Ara (あらあら)

Meaning: Oh dear, Oh me, Oh my

Romaji: Ara Ara

Hiragana: あらあら

Katakana: アラアラ

Kanji: 粗粗

Ara Ara is a Japanese expression, a word you say when you are moved or surprised (A term that repeats the interjection “Ara” twice) and means oh dear or oh my in English, depending on the situation.

I’m sure you’ve seen scenes where women use “Ara Ara” in anime, but it’s also used in real life. However, in anime, “Ara Ara” is often used deliberately.

Ara Ara is also used by men, but primarily by women. However, even men can say Ara Ara when they see a cute animal or child doing something. Also, when someone drops a pile of paper in their hand, we say Ara Ara in surprise.

Ara ara、konnani doronkoni natte
Oh dear you got so muddy.

Ara Ara is often used in conversation when you are moved or surprised like this, but you can also express it in kanji as “粗粗.” However, the meaning of “粗粗” in kanji is entirely different. It means “to omit the details, roughly .”

Araara setsumei suru。
I will roughly explain you.

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