What does “Umai (うまい)” mean in Japanese?

What does “Umai (うまい)” mean in Japanese?

Umai (うまい)

Meaning: Tasty, Someone is good or skillful

Romaji: Umai

Hiragana: うまい

Katakana: ウマイ

Kanji: 美味い, 上手い, 旨い

Antonym: まずい, 下手

Synonym: Uma(うま), Umee(うめえ)


Umai is a word used when food is delicious. Delicious is “Oishii” in Japanese, but Umai is a more frank word than Oishii.

Both men and women use Umai, but I get the impression that men use it more often. For women, it seems more elegant to say oishii.

I have the impression that when men eat together, they use umai rather than oishii. Besides umai, uma and umee have the same meaning and are used in the same way. As for umee, the way to say it is dirtier than umai, so women rarely use it. Men would be surprised if a woman says umee while eating pizza.


Umai is used for technically excellent people. Also, the way things are done is skillful and efficient.

Umai e
Good picture.

hitodukai ga umai
Good at handling people.

When we see someone good at sports, we also use Uma and Umee as an interjection.

Ano hito nageruno uma!!
That person is good at throwing!


Umai is used mainly when men and women are on good terms.

Kanoji toha umaku yatteruyo
I’m on good terms with her.

Things go the way I want

Umai hanashi niwa kiwotsukero
Beware of good news.

Umaku ikeba iine!
I hope you go well.

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