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6 Types of Sushi

If you didn’t know it, sushi is simply vinegared rice. And from that vinegared rice there are about six different kinds of sushi that have come down to us. Now you may think that six doesn’t seem like a lot of variety but within those six categories lie over one …

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204 Kit Kat Flavors from Japan

Tired and bored of the same chocolate you are eating? Well, there is this one brand of chocolate in Japan that promotes not just chocolate flavor but a bunch of delightful ones. Kitkat became one of the most interesting chocolate maker in Japan because of their scrumptious, interesting and tempting …

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Super Friday Free coupon from Softbank

Having a bad day? Why don’t you get some free treats from your smartphone? Recently, Softbank company launched a campaign for its subscribers to enjoy. It is called SUPER FRIDAY COUPON.

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