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17 Japanese confections associated with kinako ingredient

Wagashi, the traditional Japanese confectionary, is renowned for its variety of generous categories. No matter what kind it is, wagashi is always reminiscent of a popular and excellent soybeans product, “kinako”, the roasted, finely-milled and dried soybean flour with a toasted, warm and nutty aroma, which always reminds our peanut …

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Discover the best matcha confectionery in Tokyo 2023

As a cosmopolitan city, Tokyo is renowned as a gourmet paradise. In particular, matcha confectionery is one of the delicacies cherished by both visitors and local Japanese. Matcha is a kind of traditional Japanese green tea and is made of tea leaves crushed into powder, bringing immense benefits to health. …

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Meaning of Aitai (会いたい) in Japanese

Adjective I want to meet you./I miss you. Literally I want to meet you Romaji: Aitai Hiragana:あいたい Katakana:アイタイ Kanji: 会いたい (Aitai), 逢いたい (Aitai) The auxiliary verb “Tai(たい)” is added to “Ai(会い)”, which is the continuous form of the verb “Au(会う)”.”Aitai” is the closest expression to “I miss you” in English. …

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Meaning of Oishii (美味しい) in Japanese

Adjective delicious,tasty ・この寿司は美味しい! Kono Sushi Ha Oishii! ・本当に美味しい味だね! Hontō Ni Oishii Azi Dane! ・美味しくハンバーグをつくってね! Oishiku Hanbaagu Wo Tukutte Ne! other usage ・この公園の空気は美味しい! Kono Kouen No Kuuki Ha Oishii. ・あのビジネスの話はおいしいね。 Ano Bizinesu No Hanashi Ha Oishii Ne. Informal Umai ・このラーメンうまい! Kono Ramen Umai! ・まじうまい! Mazi Umai! Synonyms ・美味 Bimi ・絶品 Zeppin …

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Meaning of Yasumu (休む) in Japanese

Verb rest ・そろそろ休まない? Soro soro Yasu manai? ・疲れたから休もう! Tukareta Kara Yasumō! ・休むほどでもないよね。 Yasumu Hodo Demo Nai Yone. sleep ・食べすぎたからちょっと休むわ! Tabe Sugi Ta Kara Chotto Yasumuwa! be absent (from) ・今日、学校行きたくないから休みます! Kyō Gakkō Ikitaku Nai Kara Yasumimasu! ・今日、のび太は休みか!? Kyō Nobita Ha Yasumika? ・あの人、いつも学校休んでいるよね? Ano Hito Itumo Gakkō Yasunde Iru Yone? Synonyms ・休止する(きゅうしする) …

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The 25 best-selling comics in Japan

While talking about the fascinating phenomena in Japan, comics (manga) are one of them. Engaging and creative narratives including comedy, futuristic science fiction, adventure, detective, sports, mystery, romance, history, horror, fantasy, etc., people from all walks of life, in Japan and overseas, have immense affection for the bewildering range of …

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