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Meaning of Kakkoii (かっこいい) in Japanese

Adjective cool-looking/handsome かっこいい = 格好いい(Kakkouii) ・あの人、かっこいいね! Ano Hito Kakkoii Ne! ・かっこいい車 Kakkoii Kuruma ・かっこいい曲をきく Kakkoii Kyoku Wo Kiku Synonyms ・イケメン Ikemen ・かっこええ Kakkoee ・かっけえ Kakkee ・ハンサム Hansamu

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Yatsuhashi: A Unique and Flavorful Souvenir from Kyoto

What is Yatsuhashi? Yatsuhashi is said to have been invented by a Kyoto confectioner in the late 17th century. Its name is derived from the shape of the confection, which resembles a bridge called Yatsuhashi in Kyoto. It was originally made with rice flour and sugar, but nowadays, many variations …

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