13 Best Quotes By Tanjiro Kamado In Japanese From Demon Slayer

13 Best Quotes By Tanjiro Kamado In Japanese From Demon Slayer
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“Kimetsu no Yaiba,” which began serialization in February 2016 and experienced a surge in popularity due to the success of its anime adaptation, surpassed a cumulative circulation of 60 million copies in May 2020.

As a social phenomenon, the series continues to enjoy strong popularity even after its conclusion, and we have selected several memorable quotes from the protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado.

13. Muzan omaewa sonzaishitewa ikenai ikimonoda


English: Muzan, you are a creature that shouldn’t exist.


12. Guuzendayo soreni uragadetemo omotegaderumade nandodemo nagetsuzukeyouto omottetakara


English: It’s a coincidence. Also, even if tails came out, I thought I’d keep throwing until heads came out.

From the scene that moved Kanao’s heart in episode 53, “Kimi wa.”


11. Erabaretamonodenakutomo chikaragatarizutomo hitoniwa doushitemo hikenaitokiga arimasu


English: Even if you aren’t the chosen one, even if you don’t have enough power, there are times when people can’t back down.


10. Shiawasega kowarerutokiwa itsumo chinonioigasuru


English: Whenever happiness breaks, I smell blood.


9. Sugoiitainowo gamanshiteta!orewa chounandakara gamandekitakedo chounandattara gamandekinakatta

Japanese:「すごい痛いのを我慢してた! 俺は長男だから我慢できたけど、次男だったら我慢できなかった」

English: “I endured the pain because I’m the eldest son! If I were the second son, I wouldn’t have been able to endure it.”


8. Rengokusanwa maketenai daremoshinasenakatta tatakainuita mamorinuita!

Japanese:「煉獄さんは負けてない!! 誰も死なせなかった!! 戦い抜いた!! 守り抜いた!!」

English: Mr. Rengoku hasn’t lost!! No one died!! We fought through!! We defended through!!


7. Dakarasemete futaridakewa otagaiwo nonoriattara dameda


English: At the very least, the two of us shouldn’t be hurling insults at each other.

From the scene after the fierce battle with the demon brothers and sisters “Gyutaro” and “Daki” in episode 96.


6. Iuhazunaidou、sonnakotowo、orenokazokuga!!


English: My family would never say such a thing.


5. Kazokumo nakamamo tsuyoikizunade musubareteireba dochiramo onajiyouni toutoichino tsunagariganakereba usupperadanante sonnakotowanai!

Japanese:「家族も仲間も強い絆で結ばれていればどちらも同じように尊い 血の繋がりが無ければ薄っぺらだなんてそんなことはない!」

English: Family and friends are equally precious if strong ties tie them together, and if there is no blood connection, there is no such thing as being shallow!


4. Hitonotameni surukotowa kekkyoku、megurimegutte


English: In the end, what you do for others is for yourself.


3. Kamisama douka konohitoga umaretekurutokiwa onininante narimasenyouni


English: God, please don’t let this person become a demon when he is born.


2. Oreto nezukono kizunawa darenimo hikisakenai!


English: No one can break the bond between Nezuko and me!


1. Ganbare! hitowa kokoroga gendouryokudakara kokorowa dokomademo tsuyokunareru!


English: Keep it up! People are driven by their hearts, so they can be as strong as they can be!


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