18 Best Quotes By Nezuko Kamado In Japanese From Demon Slayer

Nezuko Kamado(ねずこ かまど)

Best Quotes By Nezuko Kamado In Japanese From Demon Slayer
Nezuko is the younger sister of the main character, Tanjiro. When she was a human, she had a gentle personality that cared about her family.

He was attacked by Muzan when Tanjiro was absent, but he survived by turning into a demon due to the blood mixed in from the wound.

She attacks Tanjiro, who has come to help her due to her demonic habits, but she sheds tears at his desperate call.

Even though she was in a state of starvation and needed human flesh and blood, she was released from Tomioka by showing a different attitude from ordinary demons by protecting Tanjiro, who Tomioka defeated.

After that, she was put in a bamboo muzzle and became unconscious.

There aren’t many quotes about Nezuko, who was turned into a demon, but she also left a few quotes. So this time, I will introduce Nezuko’s quotes in Japanese.

Ayamaranaide、Doushite itsumo Ayamaruno?


English: Don’t apologize; why do you always apologize?

Mazushikattara Fukounano?


English: Are you unhappy if you are poor?

Best Quotes By Nezuko Kamado In Japanese From Demon Slayer

Kireina Kimonoga Kirenakattara Kawaisounano?


English: Is it pitiful if you can’t wear a beautiful kimono?

Sonnani Darekanoseini Shitaino?


English: Do you want to blame someone that much?

Iiyoiiyo Daijoubu。Konokimono Kiniitteruno。Soreyorimo Shitanokotachini Mottotakusan Tabesasete Ageteyo


English: It’s okay, it’s okay. I like this kimono. Let the younger ones eat more than that.

Watashiwa Kamado Nezuko!! Onini Kazokuwo Korosareta

Japanese:「私は竈門禰豆子!! 鬼に家族を殺された」

English: I am Nezuko Kamado! ! A demon killed my family.

Best Quotes By Nezuko Kamado In Japanese From Demon Slayer

Seiippai Ganbattemo Damedattandakara Shikatanaijanai


English: You did your best! But it didn’t work, so it can’t be helped.

Ningen Nandakara、Daredemo Nandemo Omoidooriniwa Ikanaiwa


English: You’re a human being, and no one… anything… will go your way.

Shiawaseka Doukawa jibunde Kimeru。Taisetsunanowa Imanandayo


English: You decide whether you are happy or not. The important thing is “now.”

Best Quotes By Nezuko Kamado In Japanese From Demon Slayer

Maewo Mukou。Issyoni Ganbarouyo。Tatakaou。


English: Go forward. Let’s do our best together. Let’s fight.

Ayamattari Shinaideyo。Oniichannara Wakatteyo。Watashino Kimochiwo Wakatteyo


English: Don’t apologize. You know, big brother. You know how I feel.

Hitowa Mamori Tasukerumono。Kizutsukenai Zettaini


English: I protect and help people, never hurt them.

Oniichan Hitorini Zenbu Owasetane


English: Brother, you made me carry it all on your own.

Doushite Itsumo Oniichan Bakkari Kurushiimeni Aunokana


English: I wonder why my brother always suffers.

Doushite Issyoukenmei Ikiteru Yasashii Hitotachiga Itsumoitsumo Fumitsukeni Sarerunokana


English: I wonder why kind people who live hard are always trampled.

Best Quotes By Nezuko Kamado In Japanese From Demon Slayer

Kuyashiiyo Oniichan Makenaide。Atomousukoshidayo


English: I’m a frustrated brother. Do not lose. There’s a little more to go.

Best Quotes By Nezuko Kamado In Japanese From Demon Slayer

Onininante Nacchadame。Kaerou Ne Ienikaerou


English: Don’t become a demon. Go home. Hey, let’s go home.

Okaeri Inosuke


English: Welcome back, Inosuke


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