The Best ‘One Piece’ Quotes In Japanese

Monkey D. Luffy Quotes

The Best 'One Piece' Quotes In Japanese

The main character of ONE PIECE. Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, he is a rubber man with the power of the “Gum-Gum Fruit.” His straw hat is his trademark. He dreams of finding the “Great Hidden Treasure” and becoming the “Pirate King.”

Oreno Ishida! Kaizokuninaritakute Nanigawarui


English: It’s my will! What’s wrong with wanting to be a pirate?”

Shinasetakuneekara Nakamadarouga!!!

Japanese:「死なせたくねェから “仲間”だろうが!!!」

English: I don’t want you to die, so you’re my “best friend.”

Shihai Nankashineeyo Konoumide Ichiban jiyuuna Yatsuga Kaizokuouda!

Japanese:「支配なんかしねェよ この海で一番自由な奴が 海賊王だ!!!」

English: I won’t rule! The one with the most freedom in this sea is the Pirate King!!

Shinukotowa Ongaeshijaneezo! Sonnatsumoride Tasuketekuretanjanee!Ikashitemoratte Shinunante Yowaiyatsuno Yarukotoda


English: Dying is not a way to repay the favor! !! I didn’t mean to help you! !! Your comrades are saving you, but you’re about to die; that’s what a weak person does.



English: I am weak!!

Iikagennishiro Omaee!! Omaedakega Tsurainanteomounayo!Zenin Kimochiwa Onajinanda!


English: Don’t think you’re the only one suffering!!! Everyone feels the same!!!

Kaizokuouni Orewanaru!


English: I will become the pirate king.

Hitorininarunowa Iteenoyori Tsuree!!!


English: Being alone hurts more than pain!!!

Roronoa Zoro Quotes

The Best 'One Piece' Quotes In Japanese

Senakano Kizuwa Kenshino Hajida


English: A wound on the back is a swordsman’s shame

Zoro, who fought Mihawk, the world’s strongest swordsman, was defeated for the first time in his life. When he realized he had lost, Zoro turned to Mihawk and received a sword wound to his stomach. This is Zoro’s way of life as a swordsman.

Otokonara Fundoshishimete Syoubuwo Damattem Mitodokero

Japanese:「男なら..フンドシ締めて 勝負を黙って見届けろ」

English: If you’re a man, wear your loincloth and watch the game in silence.

Kenshitoshite Saikyouwomezasuto Kimetatokikara Inochinante Tounisuteteru. Konoorewo Bakatoyondeiinowa Sorewokimeta Oredakeda


English: Ever since I decided to aim to be the strongest as a swordsman, I’ve thrown away my life. The only one who can call me stupid is me, who decided that.

Vinsmoke Sanji Quotes

The Best 'One Piece' Quotes In Japanese

Nagaiaida!!Kusoosewaninarimashita!Konogoonwa Issyou!!Wasuremasen!

Japanese:「……長い間!!!くそお世話になりました!!!この御恩は一生…!!! 忘れません!!!!」

English: ……for a long time!!! Damn, you took care of me!!! This kindness is for the rest of my life…!!!I will never forget it!!!!

The Best 'One Piece' Quotes In Japanese

Donnatekidemo Harawaheru Sakue!Kuitee Ytsunyakuwaseteyaru!

Japanese:「どんな敵でも腹はへる さァ食え!! 食いてえ奴にゃ食わせてやる!!」

English: Any enemy can get hungry. Come on, eat!! Eat and let him eat!!

The Best 'One Piece' Quotes In Japanese

Iisyoubudatta Mousoreijou Kotobawa Iraneehazudaze

Japanese:「いい勝負だった…もうそれ以上 言葉はいらねェハズだぜ…」

English: It was a good match…You don’t need words anymore…

The Best 'One Piece' Quotes In Japanese

Nami Quotes

The Best 'One Piece' Quotes In Japanese

Kodomoninaite Tasuketetteiwaretara! Mousenaka Mukerarenaijanai!

Japanese:「子供に泣いて助けてって言われたら!!! もう背中向けられないじゃないっ!!!!」

English: If a child cries and asks for help, I won’t be able to turn my back on him anymore.

The Best 'One Piece' Quotes In Japanese

Gomen Minna! Watashito Issyoni Shinde

Japanese:「ごめん みんな!!! 私と一緒に死んで!!!」

English: Sorry, everyone!!! Die with me!

Nami, who betrayed Aaron, was threatened with killing all the villagers in Cocoyashi Village if he didn’t return to Aaron’s side.

After thinking about what to do, Nami came to the conclusion that Luffy would defeat Arlong and not go back to him.

Ara Otokowokudokunoni Kyokaga Hitsuyounano?

Japanese:「あら 男をくどくのに 許可が必要なの?」

English: Oh, do you need permission to woo a man?


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