10 Best Quotes By Naruto Uzumaki In Japanese

Naruto’s lonely childhood, his separation from Sasuke, his master’s death, the secret of his birth, etc., lead a heroic life, and these words carry weight.

Naruto leaves various quotes that make us feel empathy and pierce our hearts. So, let me introduce you to Uzumaki Naruto quotes.

Massugu Jibunno Kotobawa Magenee Sorega Oreno Nindoda


English: My words are straight and do not bend… that’s my ninja way.

The quote expresses Naruto’s beliefs.
Naruto’s single-mindedness and strength of feelings are reflected in his words. The first time I heard it was during the Chunin exams. (The paper test itself was 0 points…).

“Speaking of Naruto, many people probably remember this word.” Stick to your beliefs no matter what obstacles come your way. This is one of the quotes that symbolizes the coolness of Naruto.

10 Best Quotes By Naruto Uzumaki In Japanese

Kedo Omaemitaina Yatsutte Kekko Sukidattebayo!


English: But guys like you… I love them!

Naruto is unsure of himself before the final round of the Chunin exams. However, Hinata, who later became Naruto’s wife, encouraged him. Hinata tells Naruto, “From my point of view, he was a proud failure.”

Naruto, who was encouraged by those words, gave Hinata a quote. It’s one of the famous scenes as Naruto and Hinata gets together. Influenced by Naruto, Hinata believes that the way of life of a ninja is to “never bend one’s words.”

Kashikoittenoga Souiukotonara Orewa Issyou Bakadeii


English: If that’s what it means to be wise, then I’ll be stupid for the rest of my life.

Naruto was betrayed by Sasuke, who was supposed to be his friend and was injured. If he pursues it any further, Naruto himself will be hurt physically and mentally, so his teacher restrains him by telling him, “If you live as a shinobi, be smarter.”

“Naruto’s reply at that time is this quote.” It’s a line that makes you feel the intense passion of never giving up on Sasuke, a companion, and friend.

Orewa Zibunni Usowotsukuyouna Yatsuwa Kiraida


English: I hate people who lie to themselves.

When Sasuke seeks power and goes to Orochimaru, Sakura asks Naruto to bring him back. Naruto loves Sakura and knows that Sakura likes Sasuke. And Sakura knew that Naruto was going to great lengths to bring Sasuke back.

Wanting to lighten the burden that Naruto is carrying, Sakura suddenly confesses that she likes him. At that time, I left this quote.

It was a scene where various thoughts were intertwined, and complicated emotions pierced my heart.

Nakama Hitori Sukueneyatsuga Hokageninante Narerukayo Naa Sasuke!


English: How can someone who can’t save one of his friends become Hokage? Hey Sasuke…!

Sasuke leaves Konoha-no-Sato, and Naruto resumes after two and a half years. It is a hot quote that was released at that time.

Sasuke tells Naruto that he should pursue his dream of “becoming Hokage” regardless of himself… Still, Naruto sticks to his connection with Sasuke and calls him a friend. It is a quote that conveys strong feelings towards Sasuke.

10 Best Quotes By Naruto Uzumaki In Japanese

Orenitoccha Yattodekita Tsunagarinanda


English: For me…it’s a connection I’ve finally made

The quote that Naruto said to Sasuke decided to leave his friends and go on a different path. It’s a solid and memorable phrase, including the “… that’s why I’m going to stop you!”

For Naruto, who spent his childhood alone, the connection with Sasuke is essential. It is said that for Naruto, the relationship with his friends was like a treasure.

Orega Akiramerunowo Akiramero!


English: You give up what I give up!

This is Naruto’s famous quote that he shouted against his formidable enemy, Pain when he was told to “give up.”

Omaewa Oreno Akogare Dattannda


English: You were my dream.

In the middle of the main story, Naruto stands in the way of Sasuke heading toward Orochimaru. Naruto challenges Sasuke to take him back to Konoha Village. Next, Naruto talks about his thoughts during the battle with Sasuke. And finally, he spoke about his feelings for Sasuke that he had hidden in his heart.

Despite being in the same situation as his lonely self, Sasuke, who was popular with everyone, has always been Naruto’s admiration, and a friendship has sprouted. But one day, Sasuke becomes a rival to Naruto… It’s a painfully memorable quote expressing Naruto’s desire to bring Sasuke back home with all his complicated emotions.

Orega Shiritenowa Rakuna Michinorijanee。Kewashii Michino Arukikatada


English: What I want to know is not an easy road. It’s a way of walking on a rough road.

Jibunwo Shinjinaiyatsu Nankani Doryokusuru Kachiwanai


English: People who don’t believe in themselves aren’t worth the effort.


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