What does “Nani” mean in Japanese internet slang ?

Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru” “Nani !?” You may have heard this meme once. This is the famous meme from the anime Fist of the North Star. So let’s talk about the meaning of this Nani today!

What does “Nani” mean in Japanese internet slang?

What does “Nani” mean in Japanese internet slang ?

Meaning: What

Romaji: Nani

Hiragana: なに

Katakana: ナニ

Kanji: 何

Nani means what in English. Nani uses it much like what in English. In slang expressions, we use Nani when we feel angry with the other person.

In the Fist of the North Star meme, “Nani” is subtitled “Nani,” but it is more accurate to add “I” and express it as “Nanii“.

Besides “Nanii,” we also say “Nandato!”. In anime, you may have heard the enemy often say, “Nandato!”. “Nandato!” is also an expression that emphasizes “Nani” and has almost the same meaning as “Nanii.”

What does “Nani” mean in Japanese internet slang ?

Nani ga sukidesuka?
“What do you like?”

・A:おい! ジョン!!
Oi John!
“Hey, John”


Nanii mouichidoittemiro!
“what! Say it again.”

As I said, “Nanii” is an expression that emphasizes more than “Nani” and is kinda overreaction. Japanese people don’t often use overreaction expressions in everyday conversation, but it’s interesting to have such expressions to enjoy the conversation.

However, if a man uses a persistent expression toward a woman, she will think you are overlooking the anime; let’s do it moderately! Nanii!!


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