How to say “Red” in Japanese

What does red have the most image for Japanese people in Japanese? It is a fire of Rengoku, who is popular in that demon slayer!

Yes! For many Japanese, red is an image of the sun.

Japanese Conception of Red

Red in Japanese: Is red the color of the Sun?

Why is the color image of the sun “red” in Japan? Because the Japanese image of red as the sun is due to the Japanese flag.

The Japanese flag is based on the image of the sun’s red, and red and white are considered to be the traditional colors of Japan. It is said that red means philanthropy and vitality, and white means sacredness and innocence.

How do you say Red in Japanese?

Romaji: Aka

Hiragana: あか

Katakana: アカ

Kanji: 赤

What is the difference between Aka, Akai, and Akairo?

Aka(赤) is a noun, and Akai(赤い) is an adjective. And Akairo(赤色) means red color.

Aka ha watashi no sukina irodesu
“Red is my favorite color.”

Akai ringo ha oishisouda
“The red apple looks delicious.”

Watashi ha akairo no fukuga hoshiidesu
“I want a red dress.”

Japanese traditional food of red

Japanese traditional food of red Hinomaru-bento

Hinomaru-bento is a traditional dish with a red image of Japan. It’s a dish in which only one umeboshi is placed as a side dish in the center of the rice packed in a lunch box, and the name comes from the fact that it resembles the design of the Japanese flag.

Red bean rice (Sekihan 赤飯)

Red bean rice (Sekihan 赤飯)

Sekihan is also one of the traditional Japanese dishes, and it is written in Japanese as red rice.

We still eat sekihan often at celebrations. In the past, sekihan was a high-class food, but now it is sold at convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, making affordable food.

More Japanese words for red

Akano tanin (赤の他人)

Meaning: A stranger.

Romaji: Akano tanin

Hiragana: あかのたにん

Kanji: 赤の他人

Akashingou (赤信号)

Definition: A red traffic light.

Romaji: Akashingou

Hiragana: あかしんごう

Kanji: 赤信号

Makkana Uso (真っ赤な嘘)

Meaning: Blatant lie.

Romaji: Makkana Uso

Hiragana: まっかなうそ

Kanji: 真っ赤な嘘

Akachan (赤ちゃん)

Meaning: Baby

Romaji: Akachan

Hiragana: あかちゃん

Kanji: 赤ちゃん


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