How to start a selling business by importing Japanese products

This time, MIYABIYA, which exports Japanese products to the United States and Canada, will introduce the primary method of importing and selling Japanese products in your own country to make a profit.

Find a supplier

The most important thing in running a selling business is to purchase popular products at a lower price than the market price.

This may be common knowledge to all of you.

Therefore, if you understand this well, you will naturally know which supplier you should select.

Many Japanese sellers use platforms like eBay, such as Mercari, and Yahoo Auctions as suppliers or contract individually as manufacturers or wholesalers.

Select product genre

How to start a selling business by importing Japanese products
After selecting a supplier, decide the genre of products you will purchase.

It is better to specialize in one genre at first than to choose a wide range of genres.

That way, you can understand the genre’s characteristics and niche products.
And you will be able to purchase products that have no competitors.

For example, in my case, I sell a lot of anime figures. Figures tend to be more expensive the more otaku the anime genre gets.

And as you become more familiar with the genre, you will find that the more otaku anime you have, the less competition there will be.

Accurately understand shipping and tariffs.

Exporting and importing products incurs high shipping costs and tariffs.

You may find it difficult because this part is confusing or the price is high.

Conversely, if this part can be calculated accurately, it will be possible to monopolize profits in a blue ocean market without competitors.

Talking about shipping costs and tariffs will take a long time, so check with the delivery company. If you’re starting, start with 1-2 boxes.

If you divide the number of items by the price of all products, the shipping cost, and the price of tariffs, you can find the purchase unit price per item, so let’s figure this out first.

Find a place to sell

Once you have your product in stock, you need to know where to sell it.

The important thing in the selling business is to buy low and sell high.

Products generally vary in price depending on where you sell them.

As you may have experienced, the price at a supermarket differs from that at an online store such as Amazon. Therefore, you can sell your products at a higher price by choosing the right place to sell them.

For example, let’s check whether the price of the product you are going to purchase is higher on average on amazon or eBay.

Depending on the product, what sells at a high price and what doesn’t at a high price varies depending on the platform, so check carefully.

In conclusion

This time, I have roughly explained the outline of the selling business.
In my experience, Japanese products are trendy in Canada and the United States, so if you are already doing a selling business in another country, it might be an excellent option to purchasing Japanese products.
If you are interested in this business, I will post an article on another topic.

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