How to say “Gold” in Japanese

Kin (金)、Gōrudo

How to say “Gold” in Japanese
Meaning: Gold





Gold is called Kin(金) in Japanese or just Gōrudo. Both ways are used a lot, but Kin is the standard way to say it. The kanji Kin can also be read as Kane(金), which means money. So when you read Kin(金), it means gold or metal.

Let’s add O and, say, Okane when using Kane in money.
Kane is a vulgar expression, so be careful when using it.

Even among friends, Kane’s pronunciation has a vulgar image, so it would be better to say, Okane. Especially when it comes to male-female relationships

Add Iro(色) and say Kiniro(金色), or say gold when describing color.

Also, Kin is used as Friday’s Kin(金曜日).

Kyouwa kinyoubi dakara nomini ikou!
“It’s Friday, so let’s go out for a drink!”

Kyouwa kyuryoubi dakara okanewo takusan tsukacchaou!
“Today is payday, so let’s spend a lot of money!”


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