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How to say “Purple” in Japanese

Murasaki (紫) Meaning: Purple Romaji: Murasaki Hiragana:むらさき Katakana:ムラサキ Kanji: 紫 In Japanese, purple is Murasaki, and purple color means Murasaki Iro. From 701 to the latter half of the 10th century, in Japan during the Ritsuryo period, purple was regarded as a color that represented high rank and was only …

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How to say Pink in Japanese

Pinku (ピンク) Meaning: Pink Romaji: Pinku Hiragana:ぴんく Katakana:ピンク Kanji: 桃色 (Momoiro) The kanji character for 桃 means peach, and the Japanese kanji for pink means peach color. In Japanese kanji, pink is called Momoiro, but many people use Pinku. Also, Pink has sexual uses, such as Pink Movie and Pink …

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How to say “Orange” and “Mikan” in Japanese

Orenji (オレンジ) Meaning : Orange Romaji: Orenji Hiragana:おれんじ Katakana:オレンジ Kanji: 橙 (Daidai) The color orange is written as orange in Japanese, and the fruit orange is also written as orange. The color orange is written as Daidai iro(橙色) in kanji. The kanji for Daidai is difficult, so even Japanese people …

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