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20 Must-Visit Manga Cafés in Tokyo

Do you know Manga cafés? Manga cafés are 24-hour Internet cafés where people can read manga in a relaxing environment. Most cafes also provide additional service to enjoy, such as TV, video games and showers. Over 70% of Manga cafes are used for overnight stay as an alternative of hotels. …

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Meaning of Kirei (きれい) in Japanese

Definition cute,beautiful きれい(綺麗) Kirei 1:shape,color ・きれいな色 Kireina iro “cute color” 2:face ・きれいな顔 Kireina Kao “Cute Face” 3:voice,song ・きれいな発音 Kireina Hatsuon “beautiful pronunciation” 4:condition ・きれいに手を洗う Kireini Tewo Arau “I wash my hands well” ・きれいな空気 Kireina Kuuki “Clean air” Antonym ・ Dirty 汚い(きたない)Kitanai ・ Ugly 醜い(みにくい)Minikui Synonyms ・美しい(うつくしい) Utsukushii ・可愛い(かわいい) Kawaii ・素敵(すてき) …

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Meaning of Maji (マジ) in Japanese

Definition Serious; seriously マジ(maji),まじ(maji),まぢ(madi) ⇒Same Meaning (Slang) ・マジで?? おまえすげーよ! Majide?? Omae Sugeyo! “Seriously? You are awesome.” ・あの車、まじでかっこいいね! Ano kuruma majide kakkoiine! “That car is so cool.” ・東京大学に合格したって本当? まじまじ! Tokyo daigaku ni goukakushitatte hontou? majimaji! ・まじで暇だわ。 majide hima dawa。 “I’m so bored.” Synonyms ・ガチ Gachi (teen slang)

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