What Does “Betsuni (べつに)” Mean In Japanese?

What Does “Betsuni (べつに)” Mean In Japanese?

Betsuni (べつに)

Meaning: Nothing, Whatever, I don’t care!

Romaji: Betsuni

Hiragana: べつに

Katakana: ベツニ


Expression:Betsuni Doudemoii (別にどうでもいい)

Expression:Betsuni Kyouminai(別に興味ない)

Expression:Betsuni Taishitakotonai(別にたいしたことない)

“Betsuni” is a phrase used when someone is asked something and responds in a somewhat offensively apathetic way, saying something like “it doesn’t matter to me” or “I’m not interested.”


Using the English word “nothing” alone as a response can be pretty harsh, but “Betsuni” is a similar expression to “nothing” in English. Therefore, when using “Betsuni,” it is important to be aware that it may give a negative impression.


When someone is uncooperative or uninterested, “Betsuni” can be similar in meaning to “whatever.”


For example:

・”あの人彼女ができたんだって!”(Anohito kanojiga dekitandatte!)
“I heard that guy got a girlfriend!”

“別に興味ないわ!”(Betsuni kyoumiganaiwa)
“I don’t care!”


・”昨日の用事は何だったの?”(kinouno youjiwa nandattano?)
“What was the matter yesterday?”

“別にたいしたことでもないよ”(Betsuni taishitakoto naiyo)
“It was nothing important.”


・”あの人、君の悪口言ってたよ!”(anohito kimino waruguchi ittetayo!)
“That person was talking behind your back!”

“別にどうでもいい”(Betsuni doudemoii)


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