What Does “Sasuga (さすが)” Mean In Japanese?

What Does “Sasuga (さすが)” Mean In Japanese?

Sasuga (さすが)

Meaning: I knew it!, Impressive!

Romaji: Sasuga

Hiragana: さすが

Katakana: サスガ


“Sasuga” is a word that expresses admiration for someone who has achieved results that meet or exceed expectations. It is written with the kanji character “流石.”


“Sasuga” is not only a compliment meaning “excellent” or “capable” in written or spoken language, but it can also express a negative sentiment with phrases like “Sasuga ni dekinai” (I can’t do it (even if the situation is good)). Therefore, its usage depends on the situation and context.


By adding polite language like “Sasuga desu” or “Sasuga de gozaimasu,” it can be used even for people of higher status, such as bosses in the workplace or mentors in school.

What Does “Sasuga ni muri(流石に無理)” Mean In Japanese?

The phrase “流石に無理” can be translated to “It’s just too much” or “It’s beyond my capabilities” in English.

It expresses the sentiment that although one may want to respond favorably to a request or expectation from others, it is difficult or impossible to do so due to a lack of physical strength, ability, or time. It can also be used to reply when someone asks or expects something from you.

(kinoumo pa-thi-sitakara、sasugani kyouwa muridesu)
I had a party yesterday, so I can’t do it today!

What Does “Sasuga dayo(さすがだよ)” Mean In Japanese?

The phrase “さすがだよ” can be translated to “I knew it!” or “Impressive!” in English. It is a phrase used to express admiration for someone who has done something that was expected or predicted.


It can be used by a superior to a subordinate, a teacher to a student, or in any situation where one wishes to convey high regard or respect for someone.

君のテストの点数はすごいな! 流石です!
(Kimino tesutono tensuuwa sugoina!sasugadesu!)
Your test scores are amazing! Impressive!


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