How to say music in Japanese

Ongaku (音楽)

How to say music in Japanese

Romaji: Onguku

Hiragana: おんがく

Katakana: オンガク

Kanji: 音楽

Music is Ongaku in Japanese. 音 means sound, and 楽 means enjoy. So the kanji “音楽” write to enjoy the sound.

Ongaku wo nagashite!
“Play music”

Ongaku wo kikitai
“I want to listen to music.”

Nanno ongaku ga saikin sukidesuka?
“What kind of music do you like lately?”

Myūjikku (ミュージック)

Music is also Myūjikku (ミュージック) in Japanese Katakana. Japanese people use both Ongaku and Myūjikku as much.

More Japanese words for music

Koto (琴)

How to say music in Japanese

Onpu (音譜)


Sakkyoku (作曲)


Ensou (演奏)


Bando (バンド)


Suisougaku (吹奏楽)

Brass band

Yougaku (洋楽)

Western music

Hougaku (邦楽)

Japanese music

Enka (演歌)

Enka (演歌)

Enka is an entertaining song based on the unique feelings and passions of the Japanese people.

Enka was originally a song that entrusted criticism of the government to the Freedom and People’s Rights Movement in Japan during the Meiji era.

Okinawan musical instrument “Sanshin”(三線)

Okinawan musical instrument

The Sanshin is the most popular musical instrument in Okinawa and is said to have come from China around the 14th and 15th centuries.

Since the Sanshin used the skin of the python of Southeast Asia, it was called the “jabisen” (蛇皮線) on the mainland, but “Sanshin” is the correct way to call it.
For the people of Okinawa, the Sanshin is so special that it can be called a musical instrument of the heart.

In Okinawa, having a Sanshin in a room is not uncommon.


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